Philippe Starck in Holport

June 1st , 2017 –  Legendary creator Philippe Starck is guest of honour at the special event organised by FLOS, the leading Italian manufacturer of high-end residential and professional lighting products, in collaboration with Konsepti, the brand’s exclusive agent in the Czech and Slovak Republics, to mark the first anniversary of the opening of the Flos mono-brand showroom in magnificent Prague. The brand’s strategic presence in an extraordinary location like the former Holport factory, taken together with the passion and technical know-how of the Konsepti team, has allowed Flos to finalize some major projects in both the residential and contract sectors in its first year of business in this market, achieving important business goals.


Philippe Starck has played a key role in the history and development of FLOS. Right from the start of his collaboration with the brand, Starck has introduced iconic, out of the box and revolutionary lighting objects, some of which have had a profound influence on the very concept of industrial design.

In Prague, he will be involved in a series of initiatives with Flos CEO Piero Gandini and Konsepti owner David Řezníček, including a speech at La Fabrika theatre about his visionary philosophy, with a focus on the subject of light. It will be followed by a cocktail party organised in the indoor and outdoor areas at the Konsepti space, where some of the great designer’s most iconic products from the Flos Home, Architectural and Outdoor collections will be on show. They include the impressive Superarchimoon Outdoor, the outdoor version of the iconic floor lamp introduced in 2000; the famous lamps in the Guns collection from 2005 (20% of the sales revenue they generate is donated to the Fratelli dell’Uomo association to support social, medical and economic programmes for the world’s most disadvantaged populations); and finally the recent Bon Jour Unplugged, the small cordless table lamp that uses innovative Edge Lighting technology.

The event will be brought to a close by a VIP dinner in the ballroom of Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, which will be lit for the occasion by the magical La Plus Belle mirrors designed by Starck and officially previewed at the recent Euroluce - Salone del Mobile in Milan. 


Merci, à bientôt, Monsieur Starck!