In 1995, advertising guru Graham Rust designed the name and logo for David and Lucie Řezníčeks´ newly founded company. Konsepti gradually contacted key furniture manufacturers in Europe and developed the highest-quality portfolio of interior design products and services in the Czech Republic. Cooperation with carefully selected suppliers, personal attention to the final result,

the enthusiasm of the entire team, insistence on superior quality, standards of service and products have paid off. Konsepti has successfully overcome all the obstacles, and is now ready to satisfy the demanding expectations and individual requirements of its partners and customers. Do not look for a commercial company as such in Konsepti. What we care about is the process of searching, discovering new things, especially those that are emotional and exciting. Despite our vast experience, we continue to learn with our clients. We listen patiently. We understand interior spaces as an essential aspect of contemporary quality of life. We perceive an interior as one of the facets of a personality, an attitude towards life, but above all as a place where one should truly feel good. Our desire and aim is to work with excellent architects and enlightened clients to create exceptional interiors in houses, apartments, office and public premises alike.