About Holport

Holport - Design Factory

(1. abbreviation HOL = Holešovice + PORT = the nearby Holešovice port... the place that ships return to, and people with them.

2. „to go to Holport" - a phrase that means "to get in touch", "to create a crowd", "to get together"...)

The former factory for metal goods built in 1911, which belonged to K. Jeřábek, began its new life in 2000. Overnight, Holport became a landmark on the map of interior design in the Czech Republic. The building underwent several phases of reconstruction and expansion, primarily from the workshop of the D3A studio (architects J. Zima, S. Fiala, D. Polubědovová). The result is an original yet sensitive concept that combines the former beauty of the factory with the purely modern architecture of the new construction in an industrial spirit. The individual spaces with a total area of over 2,200 m have an attractive layout, superior fittings, terraces, parking, vegetation, stunning views and inter-connectibility... all in a pleasant atmosphere beneath the silhouette of the original factory smokestack. 

Since its creation, Holport has attracted the best firms in the field. Companies such as Vitra or Bulb had their showrooms and successful beginnings here. Today, Holport hosts the absolute cutting edge of the international and Czech interior design scene. It offers a complete portfolio of elements to furnish virtually any type of interior - from offices to hotels, restaurants, cafes and public buildings to private residential interiors. The attractively designed studio interior house a full range of furniture from leading international brands, kitchens, bathroom fixtures, flooring materials, doors, lighting, shading equipment, interior textiles, wallpaper, accessories and decorations, as well as a design school. 

Holport is not just a place to shop. It is also a place to learn, meet and present unique progressive ideas and trends. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the venue also hosts prestigious fashion shows, book and product launches, exhibits by students and leading domestic and internationally acclaimed authors (especially architects, designers and graphic artists). Holport is renowned for its original parties, installations and often surprising combinations of various fields of human activity and creativity.